Singletrack: From Mountain Biking to Focused Work

Photo by bikeportland

The following is a bit of a fantasy: imagining that winter is really over and that I'm on my mountain bike on a remote trail.  I'm passing small animals, trees in bloom and some underbrush.  The trail narrows and no more than one tire can pass at a time.  No passing permitted on this singletrack path.  Total focus is required. 

Ah, but winter is still here.  The bike?  Still in the garage hanging by a lonely hook from a rafter.

While my futile attempt to banish the winter blues may seem like a failure, it's good now and then to imagine yourself somewhere else.  Singletracking also teaches us something about work: focusing on one thing at a time is not only necessary, it's beautifully freeing.  Unfortunately, it also requires so much darn energy which is what makes it something of an art form.

May you singletrack your way to success on this Friday.

At WorkMike StPierre