Urgent Prayers Needed for 8 Year Old Girl With Cancer

I have only asked for money once in all of the time that I have blogged at TDS and it was for a little girl named Catie O'Brien.  Catie has been battling cancer for almost a year and she is the daughter of a wonderful couple, Kevin and Christine O'Brien.  My wife and I have known Kevin and Christine for over 10 years and I can tell you that they are great parents and truly extraordinary people.

They are unfortunately now desperately in need of prayers. More specifically, for Catie .

Catie's cancerous tumor has returned and sadly, they feel that she is close to the end.  So I am asking for you to pray for a miracle.  If you even remotely believe in the power of prayer, please offer one up for this beautiful little one who is innocent and dealing with all of the uncertainty of impending death.  Please ask those you know to pray for her as well.

Catie's story details her battle with cancer and has allowed Kevin and Christine to blog every day with updates.  I want to thank you all in advance for supporting this little girl even though you may not know her.

We're pulling for you Catie.