Three Reasons for Doing Anything

Here's my quick and easy rubric for determining if you should do something new.  This could be a cool new job, an exciting family trip or a wildly ambitious project.

  1. Do it because you can.  Whether we're talking about Extreme Makeover Home Edition or Branson Air, so many amazing things happen simply because the human capacity for "more" is limitless.  The test of human potential is simply incredible.  Sometimes you do something just to be able to test your own limits.

  2. Do it because you can make a difference. By measuring the impact of your actions, the costs might be worthwhile.  The greater the impact, the more you should go for it.

  3. Do it because you feel called to do it. Simply put, if God has put a certain project on your heart, it's worth pursuing.

That's it.  Simple and effective.