What Productivity Blogs and Tabloids Have in Common

I must admit, I get bored of productivity blogs.  I mean, come on now, does the world really need one more list of gadgets, yet another "seven reasons why GTD is cool" or better yet, another Covey vs. Allen showdown article?

The answer is simple- yes.  Just like tabloids that magically appear in your grocery checkout aisle, prod blogs fill a particular niche.  They minister to those who

  • experience stress

  • want to work less

  • strive to achieve more

  • desire to link their values with their work

That being said, I think we all fall into that mix.  Here's another observation- readers of Zen Habits, LifeHacker or Productivity in Context stick around for a few weeks to a few months.  They then get fickle and move somewhere else on the internet dial.

New readers are always popping up which is why "another top six reason to..." post is still valuable.