Who Do You Work With?

I spoke with a former colleague over the weekend.  He moved on to new challenges and it's probably a good move for him.  Interestingly, he mentioned the "new" folks that he works with and lamented the lack of fellowship and "team".

Who do you work with?

The jerk who has all the answers.

The nudge who likes to complain.

The pal who holds lifetime membership in a Greek organization.

The soldier who just puts in his time and awaits retirement.

The flash in the pan who will be gone in no time.

You see, it matters a great deal who you work with.  A calling can only be supported as much as the community around it can bear.

Maybe it's time to take an inventory to see if your tribe is big enough to support your ambitions, vision and goals.  Or small enough to accept you as you are and build you up.

Who do you work with?
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