Mission Statements and the Year of St. Paul

Roman Catholics know that this year has been declared the "Year of St. Paul", in honor of the first century man's heroic efforts to share the faith.  Yet, if you were to ask 10 Roman Catholics if they knew that this year was special, you might be surprised at the answer.  It's a classic case of too-much-going on for most Catholics.

Sort of like your organization's mission statement- unless you hear it often and buy into it, you'll forget it.

What can you do to spread the core meaning of your mission statement?
You can become an evangelist of your mission by:

  • Using a visual image to display it (Rick Warren is a master at this, using baseball diamonds to describe the purpose driven church)

  • Talking about it often and then allowing others to talk about it

  • Holding a corporate retreat around the mission's core meaning

  • Awarding those who carry out the mission in practical ways

  • Simplifying your statement (most organizations have a mission statement that's way too long)

Have some fun in the next month by finding a creative way to share your mission with those around you.