Pursuing Contentment & the Philosophy of "I'm Good"

Seth Godin wrote this past week what might be the most shocking concept of the year.  He asks marketers to tap into what America is now experiencing- the consequences of more than enough.  The swedish word lagom, implies "enough" in the same way that the Spanish word "basta" means just the right amount.  In English, we might just say "I'm good."

When you're frustrated at home or at work, ask "is this it?"  Is this what I'm meant to do?  Is this what I want to do in my life?

Rather than jump ship, try to flex your emotional bandwidth and work out the frustration.  Talk with those around you to figure out a solution to the stress you're having.  As youth minister guru Doug Fields likes to say, "pursuing contentment" is a virtue.  Why not apply that to your current situation?

MotivationMike StPierre