The Un-ToDo List for 2008

Photo by Petra

So here we go into 2008!  I was struck by Seth Godin's suggestion for starting the year off on the right foot: Google yourself.  What do you see and what would you like to change?

Here's a tip from my corner of the world: not today.

For most of us, success is desired in full, today.  Unfortunately, the journey requires a thousand steps and the walk isn't always easy.  One step forward and two steps back.  Some need three.  The key is to keep moving forward. 

Instead of tackling your demons and productivity temptations (laziness, procrastination, perfectionism) in one fell swoop, repeat the following, "Not today..."  I won't give in to laziness today.  I won't be a perfectionist today.  I won't procrastinate today.

The best part of not today is that, conversely, it retains balance from what's on the other side.  On that side lives one thing at a time, focus and a wider path to success. 

ProductivityMike StPierre