The Ultimate Guide to Setting New Year's Resolutions

For years, I thought that I just had to set some kind of New Year's resolution.  It's mandatory right?  This year, I'm taking a new approach, counter to everything that Brian Tracy wrote in Eat That Frog where he promotes doing the unpleasant thing first each day.  Not me but thanks anyway Brian.  I do plenty of frog eating in my daily work so my 2008 list is all about fun.

While I won't publish my entire Events List, I'm going to try to do less of some things (yelling from one room to the next when the kids are arguing) and more of others (going green with our new house).  Some highlights from my list include:

  • going on  a silent retreat

  • reclaiming Sabbath time

  • simplifying (anything, everything) whenever I can

  • mailing birthday gifts ahead of time

I've also felt drawn lately to reworking my mission statement so that it reflects more focus and simplicity.  This year I will strive, along with my family to be "Fully present to the grace of God, in the moments of God in order to be the hands of God."  Very simple indeed.  Here's to a fun 2008!

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