Tools for Resting More Often

Today's guest post is from Craig Huggart of Tech Rest.

Want more energy and clear
thinking? The tools listed below can make a difference for you.

For your body. I'm writing
this from a hotel room in Washington, DC. On the flight up, I did something
I've never done before on a plane: I took a nap. I was feeling a little
stressed, I put my ear buds in, turned on my iPod, and 15 minutes later,
I felt truly refreshed. The secret is a product called
pzizz. It allows you to create mp3 files
that guide you through a nap of a certain length and then wakes you
up when it's over. For more info check out my

For your mind. What
do you do when you are away from your desk and you get a thought about
something you need to do? I jott.
Jott is a free service where you call a
toll free number, leave a voice mail, and it sends a transcription (with
a link to the message) to whatever email address you specify. You can
even set up groups that it will send the message to. For more info read
A Mind Emptying

For your soul. Spend
most of your time indoors? Me too. The sounds of nature can be so soothing
to our souls. I love good music but I also love the sound of a gentle
waterfall or a roaring thunderstorm.
Darwin Chamber  has done an excellent job of capturing
those sounds. Sure, it's not like a trip to Maui to sit on the beach
and listen to the waves. But you can download Maui for $9.99 from iTunes.
The best way to try his music is to do just that. Go to
iTunes  and search for "Darwin Chamber".
I'm listening to "Gentle Waterfall" from 3D Waterfall Environment
right now.

For your spirit. Ever
remember a part of a Bible verse but can't remember where it's found?
Ever want to see a verse in multiple translations. There are many websites
out there that can do this and more. The one I use the most is . It's free and it works really well.
If you are one that likes to go a little deeper, choose either KJV or
NAS with Strong's Number for your search and links to Strong's
will be included.

So how about you? What are
your favorite tools for rest?

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