GTD Cafe: Are You Miserable at Work?

Each Wednesday we look at David Allen's productivity system, Getting Things Done.

It's been said that the reason why teachers leave the field of education is due more to a lack of administrative support than to poor salaries.  I've worked with a few who we wished had less administrative support so that they would stop complaining and find a new line of work.  No names mentioned of course.

What is it that keeps someone miserable in a given job?  On the flip side, could it be that a GTD practitioner is actually happier due to his ability to process even the simplest of things?  One San Francisco consultant seems to think so.

Pat Lencioni of the Table Group has produced a new resource that helps organizations track the following: anonymity, irrelevance and immeasurement.  The point: unhappiness at work spreads like a cancer so why not track it in order to shift the worker's attitude and focus?  While The Table Group doesn't specifically teach GTD, the creation of a metric like the Anti Misery Worksheet is proof positive that the little things at work do matter.  Check out Pat's new book here.

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