Two Resources to Keep Creativity Alive

My new position at work is one which has a high burnout rate and is know for confrontation, plenty of negative attitudes and tough days.  As a creative person, it's a new challenge which blends a workplace skill-set with a mindset of ingenuity.  Each day is exciting, not only because of the work itself but because I've had to find quick and easy ways to stay creative on the go. 

Two great resources that I use are portable.  I use a Behance Action Runner notebook as my primary capture tool.  I write down quick notations throughout the day and then visit my day's page between 4-5pm so that I can download and process. 

Another incredible resource is the video series called NOOMA.  Produced by uber-speaker Rob Bell, NOOMA clips are less than 12 minutes in length and arrive at your door with gum balls and spiffy packaging.  The content (making life count, being counter cultural, etc.) is top rate which makes the minor investment even more worthwhile.  I use these for personal encouragement but also for use with my students.