Everything You Need to Know About Online Calendars

If you have several work locations (home office, work office, etc.) and are trying to keep your commitments and priorities in check, an online calendar might be for you. 

I've been experimenting with three of the best calendar systems out there, Airset, 30Boxes and the heavyweight, Google Calendar

First, my gear & wish list:

  • I need an online calendar that takes the best of aesthetics and syncs multiple pc's with my Palm Treo- simple as that.

What are the benefits?

  • A no-fear attitude in case your PC does crash

  • An ability to access information anywhere that an Internet connection can be found

  • A visual pleasantry that contributes to a spirit of getting things done

  • 7 Career and Family Online Schedulers

How long does it take to learn how to use an online calendar?

Which one has the cool factor?

  • I think that 30Boxes is the coolest; simplest interface, pleasing to the eye and absolutely easy to use; next up would be Google Calendar and then Airset

  • Honorable mention go to Kiko, Famundo, My Home Point

Which one has the biggest cult following?

Which has the WOW factor?

With all of this said, I'm into week two of my testing and evaluating of all three apps.  How are you using online calendaring to get organized and effective?