GTD Cafe: Mother Theresa and David Allen


Each Wednesday The Daily Saint hosts the
GTD Cafe, focusing on David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology.  Today we look at the way that GTD changes one's lifestyle .

I went with author and friend Allan Wright last night to a convent of Mother Theresa's nuns in Plainfield, NJ.  After one hour of prayer we chatted with several of the sisters, introducing our daughters to them and thanking them for the opportunity to pray with them.  How simple these women are!  You can't leave without wondering if your own life is "in check" with what matters most.

Does GTD provide the same gut check?  If "success" lies in the smallest of habits, behaviors and routines, then GTD should affect one's lifestyle.  As David Allen once said,

"We must all constantly reevaluate and potentially
renegotiate our agreements with ourselves, and many of those include
other people.

This reevaluation causes day to day adjustments.  Sometimes these are small and at other times, they can be like a difficult hike up a mountain.  No matter the habit to master or the agreement to renegotiate, the words of that simple woman still ring true, "Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."

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