How Will the New Treo Boost Productivity?

With the release of the Apple iPhone, companies like Palm are scurrying to make up ground.  Scurrying or not,  analysts were questioning the hold that the iPhone will have on the market after "only" 270,000 iPhones were sold within the first 30 hours of its release.  If I check my math that's about 150 sold per minute, not a bad number all things considered.

And yet another player emerges, the newest Palm to be released shorty, code-named "Gandolf". After some apparently real photos emerged here, PDA addicts are salivating at the thought of giving the old iPhone a run for its money.  My question is this- how will this new Palm device boost one's productivity?  In short, it won't.

What many fail to grasp is that no device will make one productive.  Just as a new bike won't get you in shape if you don't use it often, no PDA will magically transform you into an effective worker, mom, sister, CEO, attorney, plumber, etc.  The trick is in the habits.  It seems that the old fashioned habits of getting up early, setting one's priorities, managing time well and putting first things first is where it's at. 

Will I keep an eye on Gandolf?  Probably.  Will I keep honing my habits? Without a doubt.