Four E-Books That Will Save Time and Boost Motivation

This past Monday I asked readers about their productivity download ideas and David from Slow Down Fast provided this excellent e-book

.   You'll find both useful data on productivity as well as some strategies for carving out a bit more time for yourself and those around you.

I've often been referred to e-books in the past and failed miserably when it came to reading them.  I think it was due to the fact that e-books are often emailed to you and can be easily downloaded.  (hence the name)

So, let's say you want to read David's e-book mentioned above- what are some strategies for getting the most out of it?

  1. Print it out. If you're at home, format into black and white to save ink.  Printing out is essential because you can make comments, underline things and think while you read.

  2. Put it in your "to-read" file.  If you don't have one, place it in a spot in your satchel or purse where you'll remember it.  If you read at home, locate in the place where you'll best see it.  I use my coffee table as a good spot- can't miss it even if the Red Sox are playing.

  3. Read reflectively. This is really an art and takes time to cultivate.  Stick with it and your e-book will become just another useful item in the work-life toolbox.

Resources for the Road
Getting Things Done by David Allen
Who's There? by Seth Godin (deals with blogging and website development)
Balancing Work and Family.  Keep your
Job, Your Family and Your Sanity by Laura Stack