GTD Cafe: The Intersection of Attitude and Productivity

Each Wednesday The Daily Saint hosts the
GTD Cafe, focusing on David Allen's system for Getting Things Done.  Today we look at the value of a good attitude.

Nobody likes a know-it-all.  We could lump into that category those who get things done at work but steamroll their colleagues in the process.  I witnessed this (again) during last week's episode of Design Star, the HGTV reality show where 12 "lucky contestants" design their way towards their own show.

Rob got the ax last week because he had a lousy attitude.  After insulting his team mate, he proceeded to call the judges fools and cry for all of us to see.  Poor Rob, if he had only worked a bit more on his attitude and a bit less on his fake tears.  (Rob's exit interview)

We rarely hear about how attitude is vital to getting ahead at work but it's worth a reminder.  Be likable.  Be honest.  Be encouraging.  It will improve the "you" that others work with and will ultimately be an asset to your productivity.

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