How Gmail Can Add to/Subtract to Simple Living

This week one of my many email addresses is (strangely) not working anymore.  It's caused me to rethink things like online security, simplicity and productivity.  Let's see, as of today, I have several websites and email accounts.  I'm not proud of this list and sadly, I'm probably "normal" when it comes to these sorts of things.  What does concern me is the fact that more is not better and this week, more is quite awful.

In an effort to "save" one lost email address, I've migrated over to Gmail.  I know that everyone and their neighbor loves Gmail but I never digged it as I hate looking at advertisements and found (still do) that Yahoo! email and calendar are more streamlined for my needs.

Is Gmail making a believer out of me?  I like it's simplicity but can't get over the fact that I've lost my "favorite" email address, seemingly plucked from the internet and out of my world of productivity. And then there are those ads...

For now I'll stay in a sort of email-purgatory, waiting to work out a solution and in the meantime dating Gmail.   Anyone have any advice?