Productivity @ Home: Scheduling Workout Times

Today's guest post is from Lisa Hendey of Productivity at Home.  Lisa posts once a month for The Daily Saint and is our expert when it comes to integrating productive principles in the home.

I am typically a morning workout person.  During the school year, my
routine is to wake early, before my sons and husband.  I pray, work,
and drink lots of decaf prior to waking up the rest of the house.
After driving the kids to school, as many days per week as practicable,
I meet a friend at the gym for an hour long workout.  The rest of the
school day flies by filled with writing, web work, or other
commitments.  After 2:30, I turn into driving Mom, homework helping Mom
and cooking Mom.  I crash early most nights, preferring to be tucked in
by no later than 10:30.  I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow.

During the summer, the schedule falls to pieces.  People sleep until
all hours of the day, my sons cook "second dinner" at 11:30 pm many
nights, and my workout buddy is busy with her own summer craziness.  My
fitness routine becomes a little dicey, and it doesn't help that our
Fresno heat squashes my motivation to walk outside.  It becomes a
little too easy to say, "I'll hit the gym tomorrow..." and skip a day
(or four).

This has been happening far too often for the past two weeks.  One
of the problems with not working out is that I tend to get a little
"edgy" and things that don't normally stress me out start to drive me
crazy.  This was happening on Wednesday, when I was in a "martyr" state
of mind from all of the football practice inconvenience that's been
going on in this week.  Around 9:00 pm I realized that I had, yet
again, not fit in time to exercise during the day.  So instead of
plopping on the couch, I tied on my walking shoes and hit the pavement.

Revolutionary? Far from it!  Lots of people walk at night, but I'm
not one of them.  Surprisingly, I discovered that I loved walking at
that time of night.  The streets were silent, the heat was absent, and
the sky was filled with stars.  I am such a creature of habit in so
many ways - shaking up a few of my routines is a great thing.  The
night walk has inspired me to look at my schedule with a little less
rigidity and to be more open to using my waking hours more creatively.

Home-work for Today:

  • Thinking about walking or running at night?  Read this helpful article on Walking Safely at Night.

  • Rethink your fitness routine - does your schedule need a little "shaking up"?  Do you need to recommit to exercise?  Just do it!

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