What I Learned About Blogging ... by Not Blogging

After spending a week away from blogging, I learned that my connection to blogging could easily be channeled into other things, like tending to my family or enjoying manual labor or being on vacation.  I was surprised that in some ways I did not miss blogging.  What I did miss was the morning routine that posting provides and (I admit) the incessant mini-rush that stat checking affords me.  Still, I quickly imagined life without The Daily Saint...it made me think: why blog at all? 

My answer came a few days later:

  • to expand my own sense of humanity: blogging allows me to reach into heart and mind and seek deeper truths and insights.

  • to challenge myself: providing quality content each day isn't easy!

  • to connect with people who want to improve their lives: it's inspiring to meet folks who share similar values and perspectives.

How about you?  What's your reason for blogging?

BloggingMike StPierre