Negotiation Week: Essential Steps to Getting the Raise You Want

Part II of Negotiation Week, Getting the Raise You Want  (Click here for Part I)

One of the best things you can do to get the raise you want is to plan for it.  Gone are the days of being surprised by your boss who calls you into his/her office and springs a raise on you.  Today's knowledge worker must see himself as self employed and then plan for a raise.  It's not about playing games or toying around- this is your career we're talking about!  Remember two critical things:

With this said, let's look at some practical steps that can plant seeds for getting the raise you want:

  1. Drop hints. There are many small, seemingly insignificant moments in a working week when you can drop a hint to your boss about how valuable you are.  Whenever an article of mine gets published, I make a copy and put it in my boss's mailbox with a clever note like, "Clark, I've heard great things about this author :)"  Sure, you're kind of geeking out by doing this but it plants a seed that you are a valuable member of the team.

  2. Use humor.  I was having a conversation with a boss about 9 months ago and we were having a laugh about something that I had done on a project.  I then spontaneously said, "Raul, one day you're going to hear a voice in your head that says 'give Mike a raise!'  When you hear that voice, don't fight it!"  In hindsight it might have been a bit over the top but guess what, it worked.

  3. Network with  key advisers of your boss.  When you eventually do ask for a raise, know that your boss will probably consult with any number of the following: a board of directors, your supervisor, his executive team, and any number of other folks who will tip the balance in or out of your favor.  It never hurts to get to know those that will probably be consulted.

  4. Practice the 3-S rule: Sell yourSelf with Ssubtlety.  Every day, sell yourself but do it with subtlety.  Learn the art of schmoozing with respect and networking with style.  You are about creating a lifestyle that works for you and work is a tool to enable that lifestyle.  We don't use work simply as a means to an end.  Rather, we respect work and thus treat it with care and our highest quality of labor- to the degree that I can leverage my own value at work, the lifestyle that I want will be closer and closer.

  5. Above all, do your job extraordinarily well.  What more can be said about this?  Do your job and good things will follow- simple as that.