Slowdown Friday: 6.5 Things You Can do This Weekend to Recharge

It's another Friday and what better way to head into the weekend than to think of some ways to recharge the batteries?  It's a known fact that most Americans don't rest as much as they should, nor do they take advantage of paid, that's right paid, vacation time.  Here are some easy ways to regain energy and feel great for the next time work rolls around.

  1. Get outside. When I'm in a funk, the best thing I can do is get outside.  Find a park, walk in your neighborhood or go to the beach.  It's amazing how seldom we actually touch the earth (dirt, wind, grass, etc.) so whenever you can get outdoors, enjoy the moment.

  2. Pick a show and watch the whole thing. Whether it's something as simple as a Saturday night movie or a Broadway production, sitting for a block of time and enjoying a show is a great way to recharge the batteries. 

  3. Do some manual labor. The ancient monks were on to something when they designed their lifestyle around meditation and manual labor.  Manual labor provides time to think, a sense of accomplishment and just the right amount of "tired" to feel like you've done something of value.

  4. Play.  Run around with your kids, go swimming, visit the local arcade...the possibilities are endless.  Don't be afraid to be a kid, even if you're not.  I have three little ones so there are plenty of opportunities to get on the floor and play.

  5. Take a nap.  Open up the windows, kick back and enjoy a good weekend snooze.  Give yourself permission to relax.  Sometimes a short nap (15 mins.) is like magic for a tired body.

  6. Relax with some blog reading.  If you subscribe to as many blogs as I do (24 at this point), you need an occasional chunk of time to catch up. 

               6.5.  Reconnect with God.  Spend some time in prayer, write in your journal and evaluate
                        your relationship with God.

Here's the great thing about all of these items: they're free!