Avoiding the Game of Catch Up

you ever gotten behind in processing your mail, putting away laundry or
doing work around the yard? (ok just me?) I know first hand the feeling
of getting behind and then applying the Principle of Wishful Thinking
(or PWT for those who like roll-off the toungue letter systems). Here's
how it happens:

  1. I am hit with a large amount of work which doesn't let up and just keeps coming.

  2. I am juggling multiple projects, all which seem important at the time.

  3. Piles
    seem to form on the corner of my desk which are whispering to me, "Just
    do something with me, Mike! Throw me out, process me- do

Do you know what this feels like? Our normal
responses are in one of two categories: pile or put away. I tend to be
a put away kind of guy. My wife is a piler. How about you?

key to solving this repeating cycle is to head it off at the pass.
Hockey and soccer goalkeepers know that the right angle of response can
make or break a goal defense. If the puck or ball is coming at you
(like our volumes of work) and you are prepared, the piles won't get
the best of you. On the other hand, if you aren't ready, you could be
toast and just might face another Saturday at the office trying to play

Why not make a decision today, a small one which could
change the way you work and live? It's the decision to do small things
well. It's that moment when you have a piece of paper which can either
be put into "in" or filed right away. It's that phone call which can
either be responded to now or written down and forgotten. Instead of
playing catch-up, you'll feel in charge and get more done and as a
result have greater peace of mind. I can go for that.