Utah Jazz Guard Practices Work-Life Balance

Last night the Utah Jazz took at 2-0 lead in their playoff matchup with rival Golden State Warriors as guard Derek Fisher scored all five of his points in overtime.  This would be just another NBA playoff story if it weren't for the real story of the night: Fisher nearly missed the game as he was attending to his daughter's cancer surgery in New York earlier in the day. 

Not only is Fisher a standup guy but his example provides a teaching moment for the rest of us.  Work-life balance is not so much about a 50-50 split between hours at work and hours at home.  If that were the case, we'd all have to take a paycut as we'd be leaving work earlier than we currently do.  Here are some keys to work-life balance:

  • Being fully present: when you are at work, work.  When at home, leave work at work and be fully attentive to the needs of your family and friends.

  • Setting clear boundaries: I make it a point to avoid back-to-back evening events.  I can do a few night meetings per week but if they're back to back, I won't see my kids for over two days- a no-can-do in my family.

  • Communicating events: work needs to know about family and family needs to know about work.  The worst thing to do is surprise a boss with a family commitment or visa-versa.  Go over calendars well in advance and be firm with important dates that require your attendance.