Do Two Forgets Make a Remember?

Clip_image002 Last night my wife and I were going for a drive- a great GTD moment ensued:

"Can you remind me next Monday at 6 o'clock about our appointment? "

"I'll remember if you write it down for me.  I don't have my Palm with me so I'll bet that we'll forget." 

"Well at least we'll both be forgetting at the same time!"

Do two forgets make a remember?  You know, do they cancel one another out so that we remember next Monday at 6 o'clock? 

One of the great things about GTD is the constant emphasis on capturing key information so that there are less open loops and more Monday appointments at 6 o'clock remembered.  With all of the talk about the Moleskine notebook, the many Palm devices that are available and plain old pen and paper, there are more ways to capture than ever before.

When we got to the supermarket, I asked the pharmacist for a scratch piece of paper and I scrolled in big, bold letters, "MONDAY, 6PM.  CARY APPOINTMENT."  The gal behind the desk probably thought I was nuts, but who cares?  Information captured, mission accomplished.

Quote for the Road

"Tell me, I forget, show me, I remember, Involve me, I understand."
Carl Orff

GTDMike StPierre