The Demands of Leadership

Have you ever had a moment when you said, "It was so much easier
when..."? Maybe you look back to a time when you had more free time or
before the kids arrived. Perhaps it was a time of life when you had
more disposable income or your work position allowed greater freedom.
Whatever the case, this month's newsletter (Leadership Wired) from John Maxwell sheds some light on this.

places demands on a person. Let's face it, leadership is no spectator
sport. I am working on several projects (who isn't!) right now that put
me square in the center of criticism and negative feedback. This is
before the event has even occurred! I've learned to develop a thick
skin; the alternative would be devastating.

As my good friend
Fr. Joseph Petrillo says, "Leadership asks one thing: can you take a
good punch in the stomach?" I never knew what he meant until I had to
coordinate large scale events. Now I fully realize what he was saying.

Maxwell makes a similar point in saying that leaders develop a rugged outlook on life and engage in the following:

  1. Visioning

  2. Maximizing values

  3. Working through challenging experiences

  4. Mentoring

  5. Building a community

  6. Making sense of experience

  7. Knowing self (Maxwell, "Productive leaders have matured o the point of honest self awareness.")

Why not take some time during your morning routine or even late at night to do a self inventory: how am I leading?  What can I do better to lead those around me?