One Thing at a Time

I found myself this past Saturday at my favorite local hangout, Mark's
Barbershop. I know, some people enjoy a trip to the movies or a stroll
through the drive through at at that "unbun" fast food establishment
but not me.

I like the barbershop- what can I say?

front of me was an 11 or 12 year old boy waiting for a haircut. In his
hand was a car magazine and on his ears a pair of headphones. He was
multitasking, doing two things at once. The catch of course with
multitasking is that we end up doing two things poorly rather than
getting more things done.

Some great resources for curing a multitasking addiction are found at:

What's the Next Action
Breathing Space
Set Higher Standards
The Chattering Mind

you start your week, consider doing one thing at a time. While you
won't get two things done at a time poorly, you can at least say that
you got one thing done well.