Managing Your Time: Are You an Honors Student?

Last week I tried out an interesting experiment as part of Lent. I gave
myself (always the teacher) a grade based on how well I used my time.

I broke the day into 3 chunks of time that work for me: before work, during work, after work.
I then scored myself based on pure "feel" for how that chunk of time
went. Did I waste time? Was I lazy? What could I have done differently?

Here are my results:

Monday  A, B+, A (a good start to the week and work was hectic but set up the right blocks for the rest of the week)

Tuesday  A, A-, B+ (a better work day and I gave myself permission to relax a bit more in the evening)

Wednesday  C, C+, B (snow days always kill my productivity so I'll just chalk this one up to an off day)

Thursday  B+, B+, A- (a good day to recoup and recapture my productivity road signs)

Friday  No grade, B+, A-
(retreat day here; I'm always too nervous and wired to sit down for
prayer time ont he day of a retreat so I'll skip the first grade)

This new system worked well for me! I was more aware of how I was "using" my
time and managing my commitments. See how it works for you as well.