How One Jersey Author Gets Things Done

When I first met author and speaker Allan Wright
in 1996 I knew that this man was gifted in many ways. With a great
sense of humor, true New Jersey grit and a love for all things
Scriptural, Allan has made a difference in the lives of literally
thousands of Jersey high school students through his teaching.

I recently had a chance to sit down with Allan to go over his new book
and discuss how he gets so much done while balancing work, life and a
healthy dose of Jersey diners. What follow are some of Allan's keys to
tackling major projects with ease:

  1. Carve:
    Allan's work at Union Catholic High School allows him to leave work
    each day at a reasonable hour, giving Allan 1-3 hours of bonus working
    time to work on his books or prepare for one of the over 90 speeches
    that he gives in a year. He carves out big chunks of time and produces
    big time.

  2. Chop: So
    that projects don't seem impossible, Allan breaks each retreat, book,
    speech prep into smaller, bite-sized sections. Then, he goes at them,
    one at a time.

  3. Reflect:
    It's not enough to simply produce if the product isn't of value. Allan
    takes plenty of time to drink coffee at a local diner (in Jersey you
    have plenty of options) and look back over his week.

  4. Promote:
    Allan has learned that publishers are not just looking for a good idea-
    they want evangelists who can then promote the idea. Allan has mastered
    the art of the phone interview, the press kit and the casual pop-bye.

  5. Repeat: Begin the process again.  Allan has 2-3 book ideas "in the hopper" as soon as he's finished his most recent work.

Visit Allan's website or buy his book today.