Crash Course in GTD

If you've been reading The Daily Saint for a while and wonder what
the heck this GTD thing is all about, don't worrry! GTD stands for David Allen's system of personal productivity called Getting Things Done. His book, by the same name, sparked a revolution in time management that only Stephen Covey can rival.
Covey's system is more of a top-down approach to time management (i.e.
discern goals and mission then tackle the day to day), GTD is truly
bottoms-up in that it states an obvious truth: having a mission
statement is all well and good but if your desk is a horror show,
you're still going to be unproductive. His advice- process your "stuff"
first, then let it free you up to tackle the mission/vission/goals in
its due time.

One of the fastest and truly smooth intros that I've seen of GTD can be found at BNET.
There you'll find a nice summary of Allen's system, what you'll need to
make it work and a posting board of what other folks have said is
helpful about GTD in their lives. A second resource is for the crazies
out there whose blogs are solely devoted to GTD. Visit Office Zealot for a look at these folks. A nice group of crazies:)

My advice: give GTD a try for a month. Get Allen's book, mark it up and
share your experience. It's worked wonders for me and might be just the
ticket to get a few more things done in less time.
GTDMike StPierre