Change Your Pace

Yesterday we looked at the role that physical space and layout play in getting the most out of your day. Today, let's shift gears and talk about how we prep for success.

One of my New Year's focus areas has been to "prepare for success". I wanted something that would push me to procrastinate less and plan more.

So far, I've had some projects where I've been able to work on far in advance and others which have taken me right up to the final buzzer to complete. I love the former and hate the feeling of the latter. My key: keep at it and things will progress. I know that sticktoitiveness is a personal development virtue.

How do you get ready to be successful? Some ideas include:

* Getting things ready today for your schedule tomorrow (laying things out, getting breakfast and lunch in order, checking your calendar)
* Practicing the "weekly review" each weekend (looking back, looking forward, looking within)
* Keeping your lists up to date (someday/maybe, errands, calls, birthdays, etc.)
* Watching for opportunities (are you doing something today that will get you ready for "the next big thing" in your life? i.e. working on a degree, reading a great book, taking a seminar, creating something wonderful, improving a relationship, praying big prayers)

The DailyPlanit has a great post today on getting ready -- pace-wise -- to be successful. Worth a click or two.