Slowdown Friday: Listening to Success

J0411712 While studies show that multitasking isn't half as productive as we once thought, there is still value to doing multiple things at the same time. The catch is figuring which two things can coexist in happy fashion.  Whether it's listening to music while working out or making a call while you put away the dishes, sometimes multitasking can be helpful.

Productivity 501 had a great back-and-forth about the value of listening to success literature while commuting to work.  As someone who lives 45 minutes from work (as many of us do), I've devoured more books in the past three years and have grown tremendously as a result. 

For today's Slowdown Friday, here are some valuable podcasts for those who want to be productive on the go:

David Allen's Podcasts

43 Folders

Gene Monterastelli Speaks

Inside the Youth Ministry Studio

The Productivity Show

ZDnet Productivity Podcast

And last but not least, I can't pass on an opportunity to promote my own interview on Catholic Exchange. Worth a click or two.

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