The Work of Holy Week: Monday/Do Something Different Today

Part I in a 5-part series connecting daily work with spirituality

Monday: Do Something Different Today
to The Daily Saint know that my "Work of Holy Week" series was popular
last year so this year we'll journey again through Holy Week, but with
a personal productivity spin to things. 

The Gospel reading today
speaks of a woman, Martha, who does something special for Jesus.  Not
without great sacrifice, she presents Christ with a costly gift.  As
with all things worth doing, she faces criticism and the rumor mill
starts churning.  Who is this woman?  Why would she spend her money on
such a gift?

What's also of interest here is that she breaks the
mold by doing something different.  Her actions are unexpected and
imply change in the statusquo , not something that entrenched folks are
casual about.  I'm guessing there are those that you work with who are
pretty hesitant to change- Lord knows I've got a few.

teaches us something important: personal productivity is actually
enhanced by breaking out of our comfort zones and routines.  There is
however a BUT here- the only way to break out is to have some kind of
infrastructure in place.  Routines, rituals, daily habits.  These are the backbone of true productivity masters.  It's the kind of stuff that David Allen talks about with regularity.

For the Road
you head through your day, remember Martha and do something different
today.  Run your meetings differently.  Take a new route home.  Call
someone who you've been thinking about.  Use your calendar with greater
precision.  Get out in the yard and enjoy Spring.  Say your prayers
with deeper energies.  This is Monday of Holy Week.