Get Into the Zone: Productivity Table Setters

So I'm driving into the city this morning and one of the top-ten coolest songs comes on the radio. No I'm not talking about the Rocky Theme song (a 9.5 on the cool meter) nor Bohemian Rhapsody (also a high scorer).  I spent 5 minutes with Delight's Groove is in the Heart.

Effects included:
-head bobbing
-hand motions
-increase in speed
-traffic weaving
-more head bobbing

In terms of productivity in every day life, what helps you to get in the zone?  I've found that the most productive people identify their table setters and use them often.

What's a productivity table setter?  I would suggest it's anything that cues something in your head that it's time to focus on what's in front of you.  Some find that the chime of a bell triggers something inside of them.  Others find background music helpful while others purchase a table-top fountain to get them in the mood for working. Sometimes a rearrangement of one's work space is all they need to maximize effectiveness.  Laura Stack recommends that you turn your desk away from the open door- folks are less likely to "pop in".  I find that the fewer things on my desk, the better.

I've recently purchased some noise-reduction headphones to help with this process.  To the degree that I can limit distractions and get into my groove, the effects will include better piece of mind and maximum productivity. And, maybe a little bit of head bobbing.

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