The Mystique of the Weekly Review

What is it about the weekly review that fascinates us so much?  It's hard to's easy to do...we do it one week...we don't do it the next and on and on we go.  Sometimes you just have to do it and be done with the thing!

Someone recently asked me about approaching a tough project that she'd been putting off for some time.  No silver bullet here or suave way of putting it.  "You just have to buckle down and bite off a piece of it," I said.

I've found the weekly review to be (no joke here) a lot like praying- hardly urgent but very important.  When I haven't done the weekly review, it all hits me by about Wednesday and then it's too late.  But I'd like for us to consider a very simple perspective of the weekly review: whatever it looks like, no matter how simple, just do it.

My weekly review from this past week was hardly contemplative but it got the job done: I was sitting on a step a few feet away from my office in the basement.  My son was playing a video game.  My youngest was playing on the carpet in front of me and there I was, calendars spread out before me and weekly review unfolding.  Hardly a mysterious process but it worked. 

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Oh and by the way, in case you missed my free download from Monday about choosing the right planner, you can access it here:  Download which_planner_is_right_for_me_tds.pdf