Keep it Simple: Goal Setting

Dwayne from Genuine Curiosity has tagged me to respond to Thea from Life Wealth.  Thea started a very interesting tagging process to get folks to reflect on their "top 5 to 10 goals that I gotta’ get so that I can truly say I have achieved my wildest dreams in life".  Here goes:

  1. To raise a family that is healthy, sees itself in service to others and is productive.  When I think of health, I am considering a very broad view that includes the physical, financial, social and spiritual.  I want my family to make a difference in the world and to also do some amazing things (that's the productive part).  My hope is that my marriage to Cary is life-giving for many, many decades.  I've always admired those elderly couples that are still in love after all those years of sacrificing, child raising and life experience.

  2. To cultivate a career-path that taps into my unique set of talents and skills. While I am currently employed by a school, I am hoping to "go out on my own" within the next few years- this is very scary, somewhat impractical and misunderstood by 99% of others but nonetheless something I'd like to do. 

  3. To be set financially so that I can do wild things with my money that help others.  Who wouldn't want to give an anonymous gift to your alma mater of $1 million?  Who wouldn't want to build a school for children who have close to nothing?  Ok, I'd also like to be able to buy the latest gadget so that I don't have to stress over buying the latest gadget.

  4. To motivate lots of people.  I recently asked for feedback over a workshop that I had provided for education professionals and my responder said, "You left them with hope and that's very important."  Whether I'm teaching the Scriptures or discussing productivity, I want to motivate people so that they believe that change is possible.

  5. To help people of faith connect with the business world. I truly believe that the business world is a source of untapped wisdom and insight and have wanted to help folks in ministry be better stewards.  I'm not sure what this ultimately looks like but the desire to bridge two worlds is, I believe, a noble one.

Ok, that's all for me.  Now I'm going to tag the following folks to answer the same question that Dwayne gave me:

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Even if you don't know these folks, their work is of high-quality, as is their character.