Spring Clean Your Job

Spring is the ideal time for rethinking, evaluating the past year and projecting into the future.  I generally do the following each Spring:

J0430451 Submit to my bosses a list of objectives for the following year.  This gets their input and demonstrates that I'm engaging in forward-thinking activities.

Final purchasing.  As the budget year winds down, it's a good idea to see what I'd still like to purchase and how I used my budget during the previous year.

Ask for a raise.  No, you can't do this every year but start priming the pump in December then enter into an honest and true dialogue with the decision makers in your organization. Be smart, be humble and remember that those that produce are in a better position to be rewarded.

Clean the office.  Few things connect on an emotional level than manual labor so apply that to your workspace.  Throw away, disinfect, go through the files.  Always ask yourself, "How does this space help me to do my best each day?"  If something isn't working for you, do something about it.

I recommend Yahoo's article today about some effective and fun ways to use Spring to your benefit.

For Reflection: What would be on your list of 3 important things you could do this Spring at work?

Quote for the road: “Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'"  Robin Williams

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