Change in Perspective

So much of life is in how you look at it. My son was choking on some food this past weekend and after we successfully "solved" the problem, we asked him what happened. Without hesitation, he said, "The food was trying to escape!" Pretty clever for a three year old!

Think of all of the things in the course of a day that deserve greater perspective:

  • avoiding Charlie at work because he's a pain to be around

  • the infinite list of errands that's physically draining

  • the upcoming party that you're not looking forward to

  • the phone call that you've been putting off for a month

  • another field trip? does this school do any real work?

  • how come we have the same four meals every week?

Do what my little guy did: reframe the scenario in order to get better and more accurate perspective. Step back and get off the runway to a 20,000 or 30,000 feet persective.

GTD Wannabe has a Canadian take on changing perspective. 43 Folders looks at persective from a different angle altogether. Meanwhile Susan at Productivity Cafe looks at planning from a 'higher altitude'.

If you're like me then the week ahead will have plenty of opportunities for reframing. I'll need to step back, take a breath and ask the important questions. It won't be easy but might provide some great opportunities to "escape" and see things anew.

Quote for the road: Enstein, "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."