Top Productivity Posts From the Past Week


Here are 10 excellent posts from the week gone by.  Stop by my Tumblr-log for daily clips as to what I'm reading on any given day.

8 Smart Reasons to Take Your Time and How to Develop the Habit   Achieve It

Meditation Techniques for the Busy or Impatient  Dumb Little Man

Try to Do One Nagging Task Each Day, Or Even Better, Avoid Having a Nagging Task  The Happiness Project

Productivity Tips for Bloggers  Work at Home Business Opportunities

5 Steps to Productive Online Reading   GearFire

Get Out of Your Meeting- Make Your Cell Phone Ring   Laura Stack

3 Web Design Elements that Eyes Love  BNET

9 Best Ways to Get Organized by Year's End  Dumb Little Man

It's worth restating what I mentioned in an earlier post: rather than reading a large volume of posts through my Google Reader, I read Life Remix and Productivity Zen.  Each gives about 10-20 blogs that are in the productivity/self improvement field. 

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