GTD Insight #9: More GTD = More Salary

Want to increase your salary by 30%?  Practicing Getting Things Done might be just the thing.  If David Allen has taught us anything, it's to be prepared for the items that come your way.  Handle them well and good things will follow:

If you want to catch fish, and really enjoy the
sport, you will maintain your lures and line in some organized fashion.
The best at it will always have their tackle ready.

(David Allen)

Having your tackle ready implies that you've got a system in place.  This system can handle the schedule, interruptions and chaos of a given day.  Ok, but how does this impact one's salary?  Read on.

All of us should ask ourselves from time to time the following question, "Am I worth what my salary?"  Here are some components of determining what we bring to the workplace:

  • Professionalism: am I conducting myself in a professional, effective and competent manner?  Is my appearance, speech and communication a reflection of an excellent worker?

  • Purpose: do I move through the day with swiftness, action and produce results? 

  • Posture: am I someone whom others respect and admire?  Do I carry myself with confidence and pride?

  • Presence: am I a leader and facilitator of problem solving?  Can I be counted on when it counts most?

People who practice GTD produce results.  They get more things done because they appreciate systems enough to handle the "now" so that they can then move on to the next thing.

GTDMike StPierre