Notebook Smackdown: Action Runner vs. Field Notes

As someone who is on the go for most of the day, a pocket-sized notebook is just the thing for jotting short notes to myself.  I've experimented with my Palm Treo (takes too long to input data) and with old fashioned notecards (cheap but flimsy).  A few months later, I decided to plunk down some dough for two high-quality notebooks.  I chose the Behance Action Runner notepad and the Field Notes pocket notebook.

Behance Action Runner
Pros:Rubberized cover and thick pages that allow for creative entries.  The beauty of the Action Runner lies in the pre-divided sections.  You can also purchase in blue, orange or gray.  Small enough for a coat pocket.  Behance makes only excellent products and this one is no exception.
Cons:A little bulky for a shirt pocket but fits inside pants pockets.  Expensive.


Field Notes Pocket Notebook
Cost:$9.95 for a packet of three (3)
Pros:Very lightweight, fits inside shirt pocket, has a "groovy" feel to it.  On inside flap, has some humorous lists of how to use the notebook.  Each pack also comes with a pencil, pen and even a window sticker (some kind of cross-like shape- no idea what it's supposed to mean)
Cons: Pages are thin and dotted as opposed to lined.  Expensive but still cheaper than the Behance notebook.


The Winner: Field Notes Pocket Notebook. To me, this comes down to size, price and simplicity.  With a packet of three, you'll never be "all out" of paper with which to write.   I have to admit, I was also won over by the extra goodies in the packaging.  Field Notes has a vintage feel to it and wins by a nose.

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