A Monday Checklist for Week-long Results

(photo by Two Travelers)

For folks who are into productivity, doing the weekly review is akin to Catholics who donate large sums of money- it rarely happens.  If a recent CARA study is accurate, then the latter only give .7% of their income to charity.

I wonder how many GTD aficionados actually do their weekly review...on a weekly basis.  Whatever the case, here is a simple check-list for starting your week off on a good foot. 

  1. Look over last week's to-do list.  What didn't you get to, what did you put off, what needs attention?

  2. Look over last week's phone log.  Who must you contact today, Tuesday or Wednesday?  Who would you like to call but didn't have the time?

  3. Look ahead to this week's schedule.  What meetings are you facing?  For what must you prepare?  What additional to-do items are generated by this step?

  4. Look over my projects list.  What's on your "hot list"?  What isn't due for a while but can use some momentum this week?

  5. Schedule my "Big Rock" items: family, faith, physical and social.  How will I be purposeful about spending quality time with my family?  When will I take time for journaling and prayer?  How often will I work out?  What can I do to stay connected to my friends?

ProductivityMike StPierre