7 Month Itch: Typepad or Wordpress?

It's normal to wonder if the grass is greener on the other side.  We do this with our jobs, our hobbies and homes.  As a blogger, I've even done this with my platform, having moved from Blogger to Typepad about seven months ago. 

I have to admit: I'm feeling the itch.  I'm considering a move towards Wordpress and wondering what advice folks have for me.  My parameters are simple: clean, simple design that allows for ease of use and enables the TDS community to interact in a convenient manner.  It's also got to look like a million bucks without spending... a million bucks.  You get the point.

Some resources that I've uncovered include: Problogger's piece on TP vs. Wordpress, Michael Pollock's journey from TP to WP, and TP vs. WP Analytics

What's your advice on this?

BloggingMike StPierre