The Day After Thanksgiving- Putting Gratitude into Practice

Since productivity is about more than just work and time management, the DAY AFTER Thanksgiving gives us reason for pause.  Being productive in life involves relationships so why not take today to practice the gratitude that you may have experienced yesterday? 

Here are some easy ways to put gratitude into motion:

  1. Read No Impact Man's post called "What Would Jesus Buy?" - puts Black Friday in perspective!

  2. Call a family member that you don't feel like calling.  Rather than let tension or issues fester, keep the family tie alive by simply making a call.  Even if they aren't home, you'll feel better because you cared.

  3. Take 10 minutes to create a "Good Deeds Action List".  Here's how it works- on the left side of the page you write down at least ten people that you're thankful for.  On the right side, you create a list of at least one good deed that you could do with or for each person.  If you really want to get fancy, you can even jot a date.  The date indicates a sort of soft deadline just to keep you honest.

  4. Have a leftover party.  If you're not too proud to share leftovers with a good friend, invite them over and make it fun!  After all, who wants to eat all of that turkey by themselves?

  5. Read Lisa Hendey's post called "How to Foster Thankfulness in Our Children"- one of the best reads for cultivating a truly grateful mindset in our little ones.

  6. Take action on something that you've been putting off. Whatever it is, do something small about it today.  You'll feel better about yourself and the momentum becomes addictive!

  7. Take some "me time".  Some of you may be asking, "Mike, how does taking time for yourself cultivate gratitude towards others?"  Very simply, you can't give what you don't have.  Others can tell if you're truly grateful or if you're just looking the part.  Why not take some time to journal, be alone with your thoughts, even pray?  This kind of practice is helpful for clearing your mind and better yet, refocusing you towards service towards others.  Time well spent.

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