3 Resources for Designing Your Dream Office

J0402902 Most people that I know work in offices that are "designed" by happenstance or at best by the person who inhabited the space last year.  Not exactly a great design scheme.  The good news is that there are some great resources that can turn a boring (and worse yet, ineffective) workspace into a zone for peak productivity. 

Where can you go for inspiration?  Look no farther than your nearest TV.  No I'm not talking about The Office although I continue to watch each Thursday night.  HGTV does hold some pointers and three shows in particular are helpful for office redux:

  • Find Your Style: a fun show in which couples find out their particular "design style" and then put it into practice.  If you are a 'modern traditional' or a 'contemporary classic', you'll find FYS to be creative and filled with great ideas.

  • Divine Design: nothing theological here, just classy designs for people with deep pockets.  Most of the host's work is a process of repurposing existing space so that it works more efficiently for the home owner.  This would certainly apply to an office worker as well. 

  • Color Splash: if you've seen any of the reality shows on HGTV, you'll know that David Bromstad is one creative guy with deep resevoirs of style.  He can take a blank space and turn it into a great workspace.

One key to reworking your space is to have courage.  Most of your coworkers will either question your motives or make some comments behind your back.  Don't worry about it as they are probably just jealous.  If it will help you to get more work done, go for it! 

UncategorizedMike StPierre