5 Moments When Less Words Will Do

Why is it that people use 100 words when 10 will do?  It was George Fox who said in 1690, "Dispatch business quickly, and keep out of long debates."  I think that Fox is on to something here and builds the case for speaking plainly and simply.

Blogger Scott Young mentions some tips for making the most of a day off.  One of his tips is to take a full day of silence, that's right- silence.  Imagine 24 hours without speaking?  My students would probably have a cardiac arrest without the gift of gab but it's not as difficult as one might think. 

One key in streamlining speech is the appreciation of chunks of silence during the day.  Here are five moments when fewer words do the trick:

  • When leaving a voice message.  Get to the point and speak clearly.  Imagine that the person listening is writing so speak slowly when giving your phone number.

  • When recording your outgoing message. No one wants to know what you're doing when you're not there to answer the phone.  Check out Cranking Widgets' take on voice messages.

  • When talking with your boss.  She/he is busy so get to the point.

  • When praying.  Even though God knows what's going on in your life, get down to brass tacks and identify your need, concern, issue.

  • When giving out bad news.  Sure, you want to be compassionate but respectfully deliver what needs to be said.

SimplicityMike StPierre