GTD Insight #14: Be Productive by Making Someone Happy

Blinding flash of the obvious: you've got to enjoy making others happy if you're in the customer service business.  In other words, in the space between frustration and a problem solved, you're willing to stand in the gap and be a part of the solution.

Why is it then that so many customer-service types are so anti-customer?  With so many jobs out there...gee whiz!

Today's GTD Insight is quite simple: being productive, at some point, will involve serving others. But here's the catch- you actually enjoy the ride.  Someone once said, "If you want to do something quickly, do it yourself.  If you are in for the long haul, involve others." Well said.

Being a GTD practitioner is about being smarter in work and life, knowing that happy people make for the best company and serving their needs returns the favor ten-fold.   

GTDMike StPierre