GTD Cafe: 3 Activities to Keep You Grounded as a Teacher

Each Wednesday features a post on David Allen's system of Getting Things Done.

When I first got into secondary education as a career choice, I had no idea what kind of effect it would have on my life.  My wife immediately noticed a change in me- happier, more at ease and seemingly enjoying what we call "bell life".  When you have bells that tell you when to start and stop work, it can't help but leave an impact on you. 

Here are three simple GTDesque activities that I use to keep me grounded so that I don't lose my productivity focus:

  • Paper grading: instead of getting behind on grading, I've carved out a time each day when I can 'check in' with my student's work and provide any bits of feedback that might be helpful to them.  Grading has become a calming activity that keeps me rooted in one of the simplest pieces of education- assessment.

  • Difficult phone calls: in the same theme as Brian Tracy's excellent read, Eat That Frog, I try to avoid procrastinating difficult phone calls.  Doing them earlier in the day definitely helps.

  • Walking the halls: I'm not talking about wandering.  I walk the halls several times a day in order to get out of the office but also to connect with other people.  As an administrator, I now walk the halls to also catch the pulse of the school on a given day.

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