Mini-Routines Enhance Productivity

Which parts of your day are routine "working blocks"?  A colleague of mine arrives at 6:30am each and every day.  It's a sacred time for him to get some papers graded and ease into the day. 

When someone suggested that he arrive later, the conversation did not go well.  His point was simple: 6:30am-7am is a working time slot which produces big time later in the day.  To make an adjustment would be to lose a key piece of his productivity.  Sounds reasonable to me.

Each of us can carve out a sacred time each day (several times per day?) where we can get down to business and focus on a deep level.  This might be first thing in the morning or from 3-3:30pm in the afternoon.  Mini-routines can pay off big time if you allow them to find a home in your daily schedule. 

ProductivityMike StPierre