GTD Cafe: How to Trim Your Reading List ... to Two

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I have to admit that I got caught up in the Google Reader bandwagon. Everyone else was talking about it and it's easy to use so why not give it a shot? I then went ahead and used GR for several months. Then I didn't use it for several months and the quality of my life stayed about the same. Go figure.

One of my favorite aspects of GTD is its simplicity and "go with what works" feel.  When it comes to something as simple as the use of one's blog reader, I have to admit that my choice to drop Google Reader has in some part, been influenced by GTD.  I gave up on the peer pressure and decided to simplify.

The result: two websites and two only for all of my productivity needs.  Do I read other sites? Sure but I am perfectly content with the following:

  • LifeRemix:  with bloggers like Gretchen Ruben and Dumb Little Man, LifeRemix is a collector of 10 or so bloggers with a rich resume and quality posts.

  • ProductivityZen: a bit more focused than LifeRemix, ProductivityZen is not only a magnet for productivity posts on the web but it ranks them according to popularity. Clever and helpful- my kind of site.

Resources for the Road

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